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Advanced Viral Protection Masks

A True Anti-Viral Mask with comfort silicone ora-nasal fitting. Developed originally in response to the SARS-CoV-1 2002/3 outbreak, the mask provides an active electrostatic macroporous molecular sieve that stops viruses from 60nm to 130nm in diameter such as corona and flu viruses.

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  • Contagion Controls designs, manufactures and supplies technologies to protect against viral infection.
  • Our main aim is to bring to the market an advanced molecular sieve mask that totally protects the wearer from virons.  
  • The AVM mask is designed to fully protect the wearer from infection and is designed to have a good fit and complete seal for all face types and sizes
  • Comfortable to wear for successive 12 hour shifts.
  • The mask uses an electrostatic molecular sieve. The -ve charged field attracts virions onto a nano layer of silver, which then kills them.
  • It is designed to fully filter out all contagion above 60 nano meters which includes all corona and influenza viruses.
  • It is safe to use, easy to handle, re useable with replacement filters and has an optional microphone for applications where clear communication is essential.
  • We also supply a range of conventional PPE including FFP3 masks and protective gowns, all made in Europe, with open book pricing for large clients, to deliver quality products, in volume, on time, at the lowest possible cost. 

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