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Coverall PPE

The CC4153 is a safe reliable and lightweight laminated protection suit. The suit offers protection against concentrated inorganic chemicals and particles to 1nm and meets the EN14126:2003 requirements against biological hazards in the highest performance class. The suit is comfortabe and designed to pro- vide ease of movement


Key Features

  1. Elasticated hood and self adhesive chin flap
  2. Stitched and Overtaped seams
  3. Elasticated cuffs and ankles
  4. Zipper with self-adhesive double zip flaps
  5. Thumb loop for use when double gloves are worn


  • Chemical and biological protection in lightweight garment
  • Excellent laminated materials that meed EU standards
  • Easy to dispose as contaminated waste
  • No halogen components
  • Multiple sizes for good fit
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Antistatic
  • Breathable, lightweight and flexible
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  • EN 14605/ISO17491 -3 Determination of Resistance to penetration by a jet of liquid (type3)
  • EN 14065/EN 17491-4 Determination of Resistance to penetration by a jet of liquid (type4)
  • EN ISO 13982-1/EN ISO 13982-2 Particle penetration test/Test method of determination of inward leakage of aerosols of the partcles into suits (Type 5)
  • EN 13034/EN468 reduced spray test/For chemical protective clothing limited protective performance (Type 6)
  • EN 1149-5 Protective clothing electrostatic properties EN 13795 Surgical drapes and gowns
  • EN 14126 Resistance to penetration by infective agents due to mechanical contact with substances containing contaminated liquids Radioactive Particles
  • EN 1073-2 Barrier to radioactive particulates/For non ventilated protective clothing radioactive contamination¬†
  • IEN13485:2016, Medical Devices.
  • ISO 9001:2015¬†

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