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Minimally intrusive means to control contamination during patient transport


  • Low deadspace: 140ml compared to over 1L for some snorkel masks
  • Inhale port is standard 22mm medical connector for ventilation support or demand air flow
  • Exhale port provides 5.15mmHg of CPAP (5.15mmHg, 7mbar)
  • Exhale port accepts standard RD40 flter for scrubbing exhaled gas of biohazards
  • Twin speaker ports with membranes reducing distortion to patient's speech
  • One way valves on inhale and exhale ports
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Silicone oro-nasal and face ftting for comfort
  • Wide angle of view avoiding claustrophobia
  • Easily sterilised and reused
  • Designed & tested in the UK


The CCM is designed to mitigate risks of the spread of contagious agents when transporting an infected patient, with the option of providing CPAP respiratorysupport. This is less invasive, involves less stress and is simpler than contamination control tents.

Unlike snorkel masks with the high deadspace and hence high tidal volumes required to maintain acceptable CO2 clearance, the CCM has a very lowdeadspace by use of a flow-through oro-nasalpocket. The mask seals have an excellent seal to a wide range of face shapes (tested with many European, Asian and Africans, of both sexes).

The alternatives for contagious patient transport: CCM contamination control mask with CPAP ventilation support above, or contamination control tent below.

Technical Information

Work of Breathing: < 0.1J/L at RMV of 30lpm, CPAP off

Size: Available in Child, Small Adult & Large Adult sizes

Weight: 540grams

Shelf Life: Unopened, 7 years. Once opened filter has a shelf life of 3 months.

Certifications: CE PPE Directive 2016/425, Medical Device Regulation 2017/645 pending

Ordering Information

CCM-size-colour Size: C, S, L, Colour: available in black, blue, pink or white

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