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Advanced Viral Protection Mask

Key  Features 

Superior Safety and Comfort

Patented UK design for viral protection
• UK technology
• Low breathing resistance
• Silicone oro-nasal for comfortable gas seal
• Four layer filtration: FFP3 plus three layer electrostatic macroporous molecular sieve
• Molecular sieve pores traps virions
• Nano-Ag coating 3nm on sieve destroys the virions entraped in the molecular pores

Designed for Virus Protection 

Additional protection from electromagnetic field
1. Surgical mask grade filtration outer layer.
2. Nano-Ag coated FFP3 electrostatic pre-charge layer
3. Insulating filter layer
4. A 7mm thick Nano-Ag coated molecular sieve
5. A 3nm thick finely dispersed silver coating 

RD40 Version for NATO Gas Masks 

Moulded shell with ergonomic face seal developed in the use of deep sea diving technology
• Standard RD40 thread
• Use with particular masks and NATO gas masks
• On board battery

Product Use 

The wearer can re use the mask making it a reusable piece of safety equipment keeping them safe at all times
• Designed for medical staff protection
• Simple to sanitise and re useable
• Replaceable Filter
• Easy to clean
• Safe to handle

Mask Comparison

There are 3 versions of Anti Viral protection equipment available
AVM-X Standard Mask
AVM-M with enhanced microphone option
AVM-RD40 with standard RD40 fitting to fit a wide selection of masks 


X Standard Protection Mask
M with microphone

UK designed and manufactured
Silicone Oro Nasal Seal 
Protects against virus

Designed to meet 
EN EN1822-4

Manufactured to
ISO 9001:2015 

Standard Mask
All day comfort
Easy to use

Seperate Battery Pack 
4 layers of protection 
Re usable 
Replaceable filter  
Safe Handling
Optional Microphone 


+RD40 Thread for use with 
particle and NATO masks

UK Designed and Manufactured
Protects against Virus 
Long working life  
Designed to meet
EN EN1822-4

Manufactured to
ISO 9001:2015

RD40 Thread Canister 
Battery Integrated

4 layers of protection 
Re usable
 Replaceable filter 
Safe Handling
No Microphone 

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