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Contagion Controls was formed in 2020 to bring to market PPE technologies developed by Deep Life Group for truly effective virus protection.

In Q1 2003 Deep Life Group commenced development of a true anti-viral mask for hospital and public use, in response to SARS-CoV-1 outbreak. The development took 6 years, including development of some of the key technology within the University of Dundee. By the time the technology had been developed, the SARS-CoV-1 outbreak was history and the technology lay on the shelf.

In 2020 we formed the business and acquired the Deep Life Group technology. 

Contagion Controls are investing in the AVM mask to address the need for superior protection for medical staff and care workers that give them confidence that they are totally protected whilst wearing it.

The technology is novel, using an electrostatic filter that pulls even the smallest particles from the inhaled or exhaled gas, into a molecular sieve, where it neutralises them using the same nano-silver coatings that provides the electrostatic field. The mask has a soft silicone oro-nasal seal, is comfortable to wear all day, and has a pleasant appearance.

Contagion Controls complement this by providing conventional masks and protective clothing, all made in Europe, with open book source to end user pricing, to enable end users to access all the PPE required to deal with viral outbreaks, at the lowest possible pricing.

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