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AVM Mask - True Anti Viral Mask - 100 Masks

£2,900.00£3,300.00 EX VAT

Available for pre order - delivery is expected in Oct 2020

  • Made in the UK
  • MOQ is 100 masks
  • Qty and price is for a pack of 100 ( 1 = 100 masks)
  • Delivery is Ex factory and will take up to 1 week.
  • For smaller/greater quantities then please contact us for pricing or samples
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Pre Order for delivery in July.

The AVM was developed over a 7 year period following the 2002/3 SARS outbreak, specifically to filter virus particles (virions) in the range 60nm to 180nm without the increase in work of breathing associated with conventional ultra-fine filtration.  Designed and engineering in Scotland, the technology then lay idle until the 2019 SARS-COV-2 pandemic, and is now being retooled for manufacture in the UK.

The mask is currently undergoing a full set of approvals and will be available once complete

The AVM is the first mask suitable for a clinical or public setting, to provide efficient filtration of virions.  It achieves this with a four layer filter, fitted as a replacement module in a mask shell comprising a nylon outer shell and a soft silicone inner.  Soft silicone oro-nasal with wide elasticated straps minimise pressure on the face, while allowing the mask to be cleaned and sterilised.

The 30V – 36V electrostatic charge is generated by a circuit board within the mask, powered by an external AA cell to keep the mask light and comfortable.  The circuit board is available with a microphone and signal conditioning circuit, for use with an optional speaker module: this removes distortion form the voice, avoiding muffling the wearer's speech.

The straps and other fittings are non-allergenic and are designed to minimise the pressure on the skin of the wearer, and avoid fungal and bacterial growth.  Sterilisation is by immersion in DuPont Virkon solution.

  • Low breathing resistance
  • Silicone oro-nasal for comfortable gas seal over full shift, multi-day use
  • Four layer filtration: FFP3 plus three layer electrostatic macroporous molecular sieve
  • Molecular sieve pores traps virions
  • Nano-Ag coating 3nm on sieve destroys the virions entraped in the molecular pores
  • Clear indication of when electrostatic system is operating, by blue LED
  • Powered by AA cell with jack socket
  • Optional internal microphone provides output to speaker unit to avoid muffling speech
  • Replaceable filter capsule

Active Electrostatic Nano-Ag Molecular Sieve filtration Mask 

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Weight 0.2 kg
AVM Mask

Standard Mask, Microphone Version



Lead Time

10 Days ( EX Factory)


Small(S), Medium/Large (ML)


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