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Technical Overview

Medical Grade

Designed for medical use

Medical grade materials

Re usable   

Latest Science

Electrostatic microporous molecular sieve

Completely traps virons

nano -Ag coating 3nm destroys virons trapped

Low breathing resistance

Multi layer protection 


Made in the UK
EN13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 
FFP3 Tested
Meets EN1822-4  
AVM Anti viral Mask


Silicone-oro-nasal for comfort

Diving mask technology for sealing


Designed in the UK
Manufactured in the UK 


60nm diameter and above

Replaceable filter capsule

Easily handled and sterilised

Technical Literature

Overview of core technology 

Techical Overview 

  • The AVM was developed over a 7 year period following the 2002/3 SARS outbreak, specifically to filter virus particles (virions) in the range 60nm to 180nm without the increase in work of breathing associated with conventional ultra-fine filtration.
  • Designed and engineering in Scotland, the technology then lay idle until the 2019 COVID pandemic, and is now being retooled for manufacture in the UK.
  • The AVM is the first mask to provide efficient filtration of virions. It achieves this with a four layer filter, fitted as a replacement module in a mask shell comprising a nylon outer shell and a soft silicone inner.
  • Soft silicone oro-nasal with wide elasticated straps minimise pressure on the face, while allowing the mask to be cleaned and sterilised.
  • The 30V – 36V electrostatic charge is generated by a circuit board within the mask, powered by an external AA cell to keep the mask light and comfortable. The circuit board is available with a microphone and signal conditioning circuit, for use with an optional speaker module: this removes distortion form the voice, avoiding muffling the wearer's speech.
  • The straps and other fittings are non-allergenic and are designed to minimise the pressure on the skin of the wearer, and avoid fungal and bacterial growth.
  • Sterilisation is by immersion in DuPont Virkon solution.

Core Technology 

  • Surgical mask grade filtration outer layer (as standard N95 masks) 
  • Outer shell allows gas to travel over the whole surface of the filter, which is folded for the maximum surface area. 
  • Nano-Ag coated FFP3 electrostatic pre-charge layer, which charges the virions to 30 million volts per meter by bringing them within a micron of a 30V +ve source, safe for handling and use. Insulating filter layer, large pores to avoid clogging
  • A 7mm thick Nano molecular sieve at -ve potential. The positively charged virions are attracted onto the surface of the negatively charged sieve, for them to be trapped in the molecular cages which are up to 60nm -230nm in diameter. 
  • 3nm thick finely dispersed silver coating (Nano-Ag) on the sieve causes the virion to be destroyed after a short period of contact.
  • The outer shell and soft silicone oro-nasal provide full shift comfort, even with multi-day use. 
  • Snap connections and to the electrostatic generator allow the filter pads to be replaced quickly and easily at the start of each shift.
  • Power is supplied by AA battery pack worn remotely, life in constant use is 7 days 

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