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The new 10 minute coronavirus lateral flow test uses antibodies that are specific for immune glycoproteins that are produced by infected individuals in response to the new coronavirus. These glycoproteins are called Immunoglobulin M and G (IgM and IgG). Immunoglobulins are normally produced by the immune system in response to bacterial or viral infections and act to ‘flag’ the pathogen, so that other immune cells can detect and kill it. The IgG/IgM that the test detects are specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so a positive result would indicate the patient has contracted COVID-19.
The new test has the following specifications:
IgG / IgM
Sensitivity = 97.4% / Sensitivity = 86.8%
Specificity = 99.3% / Specificity = 98.6%
Accuracy = 98.9% / Accuracy = 96.1%
By using two independent test lines, the accuracy is combined for a 99.996% accuracy when both lines are present.

The Deep Life Medical 10 minute COVID19-Screen test is currently the most accurate rapid field test available.

The 10 minute response is also one of the fastest currently available for COVID-19.

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